Rankings in MMA

Just wondering as i'm pretty new to following MMA (and i don't want this to turn into a shit fight) what organisations with rankings mean anything in MMA on the World scene? Boxing know has so many that mean jack shit and it looks like there is also heaps in MMA. Which ones do you all think mean anything and what sort of a record do you think a fighter needs (how many fights) before they are ranked in the top 10 of a good organisation?

I like the rankings the ADCC uses;


2 main reasons 1)They are not directly affiliated with any one show 2) A nice little window pops up to explain how they rank the fighters.


Thanks Tank, so going by these rankings UFC and Pride are the most repected organisations. Is what most people think?

Yes , most people consider those organizations the highest level

After these 2 would there be many others up near them?

And also does Pride have a web site as i cant seem to find it?




Thanks heaps guys.

I think shooto would be 3rd.

I agree that shooto would be next . KOTC would be after that probably