How are rankings determined?

I look at some of the ranking sites and am confused by how they are established. For example this is a top ten ranking, anyone care to explain how these are determined?

1.) 4-3

2.) 6-4

3.) 9-3-1

4.) 5-1

5.) 7-2

6.) 3-0

7.) 4-0

8.) 4-1

9.) 4-1


How are ties established in rankings ... date of last fight being higher up in rankings?




MMA rankings are determined by a bunch of fans claiming their favorite fighter is number 1.

I'm pretty sure Fedor is #1.

Here is how they are determined, kkm.

V) 7-X

C) % - #

@) ^-3-!

7.) Y-4

3) L-%

Z.) 0-3

!.) X-2

B.) "-"

%.) K-KM

X.) F-U

I'm sorry I should have explained that the numbers are win/loss numbers. I don't quite understand how a 3-0 can be ahead of a 4-0? Please can someone with some experience explain things to me? This is just amateur rankings, I'm just trying to understand them.

that must be a hell of a headache to figure out! I couldn't figure out how the numbers came into play, and I guess in reality they don't. Thanks for the clarification.