Rare Black Belt Magazine?

I have the April 1992 volume of Black Belt Magazine. This is the volume that has the infamous article that Scot Conway wrote. He is the Kempo stylist who fought Royler Gracie in Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Action 1 or 2 and later wrote his expert opinion of his event. He wanted to test his "street lethal" kempo that he developed against Jiu Jitsu as mentioned in the GJJ in Action video. Supposedly, this magazine article helped promote Gracie Jiu Jitsu alot prior to the UFC. I have several magazines dating back to the early 1990's that have very interesting articles in them. After reading some of them I understand now why many old school peeps consider Rickson godly (I am one of them!!). Anyways is this mag considered rare??



type out or scan the article

Damn and I thought by Black Belt with Patrick Swayze on the cover was sweet. Good for you and welcome back to the UG lol

I have that one too. I also have all the issues of Full Contact magazines, it went defunct pretty quick. It had lots of JKD, Silat, Muay Thai articles. I also have the first issue of Official Karate and the one with Benny the Jet's fight with Okao in Japan. It's all cool stuff!

Ozzimandias- I'll try to get to it if more peeps request it!

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The Darinasian

I wouldn't say this copy is rare. I have it and have seen it around if you look in the right places. The actual fight between Royler and Conway was on youtube, I think.

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Can you scan and post?

Full Contact magazine rocked. I'm sorry they went out of biz so fast.


It's also on In Action 2. I have a copy of it somewhere in an attic.

Does anybody have the early 90's BB with Steven Seagall looking so deadly with his Bokken? I have it!

If you could scan it that would be great.

TTT for Scan