rare taktarov fights (video)


was looking for his bodogfight comeback and stumbled upon this interesting footage. vovchanchyn has some similar fights on youtube as well.

Post the links to the Vov fights.




some old vovchanchyn fights:







there was a video of vovchanchyn fighting in a small ring in the middle of what looks like a smoke filled bar. it appears as though his opponent was picked from the crowd, he's wearing trousers iirc. i've seen it before and someone must have it. the toughman actually makes a good account of himself considering who he's up against.

The first video is very cool, but some bizarre stuff occurred. First Oleg looked like he had zero standup training at that point. Second, the thai boxer in the second fight has his corner throw in the towel the second the fight hits the ground...that is fucked. Third, looks like Oleg stole the thai boxers shorts and wore them in the last fight, which had another bizarre stoppage while he was sitting in mount on what appeared to be another Sambo fighter.

yeah, either something shady going down or they were just amateurs and didn't want to get hurt. considering it was in russia and somewhat underground i'm going with shady mafia goings-on because it's a more interesting possibility.

ttt 4 vovchanchyn's bar fight video.



This is good


The White Dragon event that Taktarov fought in was one month before the first UFC; just so ya know.  ;)



That nifty roll that Oleg does in the first vid is the same roll that got Scott Morris nearly killed...


Samoanpowr - The White Dragon event that Taktarov fought in was one month before the first UFC; just so ya know.  ;)



One of those sectet underground fight events. Makes you think how dungerous those mystic warriros really were.

Damn I wish we coulda seen Oleg vs. Royce in 93

voorhees - Damn I wish we coulda seen Oleg vs. Royce in 93
Rorian had Oleg "tryout" for the UFC by rolling with Pedro Sauer.  Oleg never got subbed, but Pedro was stuck on his back pretty much the whole time they sparred.  Granted there were no strikes, it wasn't a fight and it was just "rolling".  There are two schools of thought that resulted in this:

     1.  Oleg didn't do very well and Rorian didn't want another pure grappler in the show.  Not that he would

           beat Royce, but he didn't want too many grapplers in the shows at that point.

     2.  Oleg did well enough (didn't get tapped by Pedro) that Rorian was afraid to have him in the UFC.



those ARE rare.  fucking youtube rare, son.

 I never understood what Severn's plan was against Coleman. He looked defeated before it started.