Rashad Evans:Hyped for The Iceman

Rashad looking back on his fight with Chuck

ttt for the full thing.

the whole thing was posted awhile ago, they took down the guys youtube because of it =(

Rashad is awesome at describing and analyzing his fights, can't wait for them to do more of these with other fighters.

Although like most cool shows the ufc will probably stop doing them

Was watching that with a group of guys and that punch, that moment I won't forget. It was indeed, the changing of the garb...that's my new favorite saying. Phone Post

CREamed_by_DongJ - let's be real for a second he threw an ugly punch with his eyes closed as he was on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown before that.

Brutal beatdown? No. I though Rashad was much more relaxed rd 2, chuck was the aggressor but Rashad was landing and if it was a blind punch it doesn't change the fact that was a shocking moment in MMA. Phone Post