Rashad Evans--MMA Slow Jamz

Here is one of the videos I wrote for the MMA Awards starring Rashad Evans. Hope you enjoy.
Adam Hunter


I predict many a GIFS coming up!

Great work Adam! How long did it take? Any chance we see similar videos without waiting for the awards next year? Seeing it all over twitter hope you get the credit you deserve. Phone Post 3.0

Smooth rashaddd Phone Post 3.0

Great work Adam. That is comedy gold.

That's great! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys. Really glad you enjoyed it. The Askren and Hendricks ones will be up in the next few days. 

Hilarious and right out of my era of RnB. Phone Post 3.0

Bravo sir Phone Post 3.0

Fav fighter! IN!! Phone Post 3.0

That was hillarious.

Great video. Needs more views.

good shit!

I just searched for a thread on this simply to say "thanks, well done".  


Keep up the good work.

I Lmao!!! VU Phone Post 3.0

Just judging by the lyrics I thought it was Chris Brown.

Great video, made me laugh. Phone Post 3.0

Funny as hell, great work! Phone Post 3.0

Baby when we're fightin'

I had to come back just to watch this again for more laughs.


I watched this a 2nd time and I just KNOW that Rashad HAD to have been cracking up after some of those shots. I can just see him going from serious trying to be in the role to laughing out loud with people in the background laughing with him.


Rashad's got a great personality. Although he's funny, the Tuf beef with Rampage was some of the most intense moments I have ever seen in mma.

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