Rashad should not go for the takedown with Shogun!

He shouldn't try to strike with him either. If he strikes with him....he's getting KTFO. If he takes him down, he'll get swept, and I can't see him taking more than 1-2 light ground and pound punches from Shogun before he's out cold. So....I see Rashad's best strategy of pushing Shogun against the fence and hugging him there. Every time the referee separates them, just clinch, hug, and do it all over again. No takedowns + no striking = Rashad's best bet to winning.

Sounds like a barnburner.


Yeah, 'cause Shogun is going to drop his hands like that and get countered. Plus we all know how shitty Shoguns chin is. If anyone is getting KO, it's going to be Evans.

 Rashads going to get fucked up the ass by Mauricio!

He'd sweep him eh? I wonder where his sweeps were vs. Coleman or Griffin

Hi Greg!

Here is Shad's game plan:

Keep distance and circle, make Shogun chase. When Shogun kicks from the outside, come in and throw a combo and get right back out. At 4 minutes of each round, hit a takedown and do not worry about advancing position. TDs are purely to eek out rounds.

Mix in some rare clinch work and hope that Shogun throws knees so that you can take him down. If this sort of takedown occurs before the 4 minute mark, get back up and continue with circling around.

The plan is always for it to go to Decision. This way you can use wrestling and non-aggressive tactics on the ground to edge out rounds.

Shogun will probably come in w/ an injury and gas out, like he did against Forrest.


 hope greg jackson doesnt read this thread