Rashad v Tito Off??

On mmaweekly radio...

Rashad Evans says he has no agreement to fight Tito @ UFC 78 and if he
doesn't get one soon, he will not fight in November.

Now, Tito says he isn't fighting Hendo either.

So what happens at 78?

UFC 78: Tito Ortiz vs. Dan Henderson?

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz (15-5-1) will face Dan Henderson (22-6) -- not Rashad Evans -- at UFC 78 on November 17 in Newark, N.J., according to a TAGG Radio report today.

UFCmania.com calls to Ortiz to confirm the report were not immediately answered at the time of this write up.

UFC President Dana White stated Ortiz and Evans would rematch immediately after fighting to a disappointing draw at UFC 73: "Stacked" on July 7. However, the situation could have changed since UFC 78 is now without a main event because of the Sean Sherk steroid appeal.

"The Muscle Shark" was expected to defend his 155-pound title against BJ Penn at the Prudential Arena but his appeal before the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) will not be heard until October 31. "The Prodigy" is now booked to fight either Sherk or Joe Stevenson (for the vacant lightweight strap) at UFC 79 in December.

While Ortiz-Evans is a nice match up, it certainly did not have the punch to headline a show. Adding Henderson into the mix, however, provides a much-needed lift for a rumored card that is solid but lacks high-profile names.

And often names -- not great fights -- put more butts in seats.

"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" has not had a convincing win over a top opponent since his return to the Octagon in 2006. He destroyed an old Ken Shamrock (twice), eked out a split decision with Forrest Griffin, lost to Chuck Liddell and went to a three-round draw with Evans.

A win over a fighter the caliber of Henderson would certainly quiet all the cynics.

Henderson just dropped a hard-fought five round unanimous decision to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 75: "Champion vs. Champion" earlier this month.

There was some discussion that the UFC wanted "Dangerous" Dan to join the middlweight fray (he is the current PRIDE FC 183-pound champion); however, he seems reluctant to make that commitment because he feels comfortable at light heavyweight.

Stick around for more updates to see if this pans out.

I hope it's off.

Hendo/Tito would be great but let's face it...Tagg Radio's track record has been less than stellar as of late.

Hendo would stop Tito in the 2nd, but the matchup would save UFC 78 if they add one more decent fight as well.  Nog vs anyone would do it.  Mir vs Arlovski.  Arlovski vs Heath Herring. 

Yeah, but Tito has denied the rumors of a match with Henderson. Who

Are we really running with rumor heard on TAGGradio????

thank god...

We need Tito Rashad 2 like we need Hamill Bisping 2. And Sanchez Koscheck 2 and hmm I'm sure they can find some more boring match-ups that will go to decision.

yeah, we just wake up and lie everyday for an hour.


9-10am pst
mma everyday!!!

gimme a break, we get info from the highest sources and sit on it until we see it's ready to break. if it's a rumor we state it that way and if it's sealed then we announce it on the radio show. in the case of nog-mir and tito-hendo, these were/ are great sources, the best you can have and right now, they are at the rumor stage. hence, no announcement on the show.

fool of shit (wisdom), what did you hear in 10th grade history today? any good rumors to share?

grimer, let's hear your contributions to mma?

if you ain't feeling what we try and share then simply skip the posts.

TAGG did in fact carefully state the Hendo-Ortiz thing to be a rumor.

Rashad Evans says he has no agreement to fight Tito @ UFC 78

OK, how the fuck does this happen after we're told it was on?

"Why must the East Coast get all the lower end cards?"

The UFC considers themselves a west coast company apparently. Maybe
Marc Cuban's or somebody will move in on the east coast market and give
us something to get excited about.

Even if Tito beat Dan Henderson, Tito still wouldn't get respect because he beat a "smaller" guy. People have accused Tito for beating "smaller" guys for years.

95% of the UG would make threads about that very statement if the aforementioned scenario took place in the future.

Hendo with UFC rules/tests = Tito win

either a KO by hendo or UD by tito.

Dana is so evil. Hendo says he doesnt want to move down to MW, so Dana puts him in against the biggest Light Heavy he has.