Is he ready for a title shot? Lambert is a very impressive win and he seems to improve each time out. Being that he is with one of the best trainers in the biz (Greg Jackson), I think he will have a belt soon. How would he do against Chuck or Tito right now?

he should have finnished the guy the first time he had side mount. It is
clear he had no idea what to do once he had the guy down and got

However, it seems like he figured it out inbetween rounds and maybe
something has finally cicked for him which is going to lead to some

I say put him in against Tito right now.

Rashad looks like a tough fight for anyone.

Give him a couple years and he could very well be champ.

Greg Jackson can make good fighters become great.imo

FredRum Inc. Esq to Rashad LLC. Now.

A little while longer with Diego and he'll have NO PROBLEM finishing
anytime he gets top position.

HKP, A contract has been fed-ex'd with our 90/10 split (90% to us of course, as we have an image to uphold).He would be crazy not to jump at this opportunity but I will keep you posted.Did you contract any nickname clients this weekend?I will expect a report on my desk tomorrow morning. Fredrum