Rate the UFC. Worth it?

Lots of complaining about the price before hand-was it worth it and give it a grade.

I say B-
not bad but not one of the best.


I pretty much agree - 7/10

I give it an 8 solid show. The Hughes comeback and slam alone earned it two full points.

We had seven people watching last night and we all rated it, everyone gave it between a 6 and an 8. Good solid show, nothing spectacular, but I certainly don't feel cheated about paying the extra $5.

too much hype between fights.

more fighting, less talk.

You fuckers are IMPOSSIBLE to please.


C'mon, even the fight that went the distance was great.

IMPOSSIBLE I tell ya....

i give it a 7. could have been higher but the Lindland fight killed some of the momentum from the GSP opener. the trigg fight picked things back up, but the main event ended so quick it never lived up to the hype. the saving grace was Zuffa showing the prelims.

next event they need to drop the celebs, show more fighters in training, extended interviews etc...and for gods sake keep showing the prelims!

Some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope.


Good event. Sold B. Dissapointed in the price increase, though. Bushido, UFC and Pride in the same month is gonna piss the wife off, come checkbook time.

Very good card and we got to see 7 fights. Hughes/Trigg was amazing, GSP/Mayhem was great, it was sweet seeing Babalu back in the UFC and winning big, another big win for Salaverry, Chuck finally getting the title, and Lindland squashing another overhyped/unproven fighter.

A solid 8/10. Sometimes I wonder if many of your are even MMA fans?? What are you hoping to see exactly?? When was the last time an event ended with this many submissions? It was awesome. The Lindland fight was a downer as usual, but at least it didn't go to a decision.

Quality: 8/10. However, it was a great event to have after TUF, for it had a few decisions, quite a few submissions and a knockout.



Solid show.

Haven't quite seen it yet... So Hughes comeback after almost KO'd?!

That's my boy.

b- putting Linland on main card in biggest ppv ever was dumb and Chuck fight was weird, no flow to it at all.