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there's an intern where i work, and since i'm the managing editor it falls on me to find him stuff to do. so i said to him (his name is chris rooke), "go interview this minor league fighter". things to know about chris are that he's a broadcast journalism student as some college up in canada, and that's it. here's a link to the audio interview. you don't have to listen to it all, just the first five minutes (when he gives the fighter whose nickname is "the honeybadger" a pop quiz on honeybadgers - LOL).


Honeybadgers don't give a fuck!


Where do you work ? Phone Post

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Where do you work ? Phone Post

rebellion media.

Mike Hackert is looking good these days, I don't think Park Pavelich was expecting him to beat the shit out of Tim Hauge so easy. Phone Post

Lol Mark... Auto correct kills me. Phone Post