RAW Team status

Do they have any current fighters in the mix, or is the center now more of a mainstream gym?

 rAw  is nor R1.. some sort of dispute with WWF I recall.

More of a mainstream gym.. a lot of top guys still train there on occasion.

I think Trigg still owns a piece of the gym possibly and Rico still helps him with his deals.

Thanks Novak. I haven't see you post here in along time. I hope things are well with you.

 I still lurk and post on occasion. Things are great. Still follow MMA/NHB with a passion!

the air conditioning business remains strong!

 R1 is a Team of 1.  Just me kids. 

 Unless Rico fights again. then it would be 2

trigg,  dont forget the shawn-imal... 

 I think I read somewhere that Melanie Lacroix trains there

"the air conditioning business remains strong"

I dont know about that.. the Flood of 08 destroyed our facilities-- we got everything rebuilt-- but at a huge expense. Plus CR is really down right now--  lots of job loss,people impacted from the flood and not a lot of building going on.


I miss the Raw Team forum, where Louie Chiapparelli reigned supreme with his biting wit (and shoddy spelling) and TRIGG (then twinkletoes) always trying to get a rise out of people. Novak was always there to chip in with the real scoop.

 Those were some fun memories..Daren(Winston Wolf) was a regular as well as a lot of others..fun stuff.

You were a player here then, NovakHT!

How is Pancake Lou doing? Is Rico thinking of fighting again?

The King of Pancakes!

Subject: RE: INFO From: RAWteamCEO Date: 13-May-99 | 05:37 PM

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 "How is Pancake Lou doing? Is Rico thinking of fighting again?"

King Lou is doing GREAT...   I doubt Rico ever fights again-- Trigg could speculate better then I but he is getting older everyday--

this is a yougnger guys sport for the most part- look at Chuck--  there are not many randy coutures out there thats for sure.

Rico was all set to fight in Bellator.... he was getting excited because he was half mexican... they blew him off??? he wanted to fight there but they gave him the run around.