Ray Floro's Non telegraphic Strike!

I am sure most of you interested in Edged Weapons defense has heard of Ray Floro! Here is a video of him doing his thing at a seminar at my gym earlier in the year! Enjoy!


NICE! on the speed as well as A Clockwork Orange t-shirt :)

action vs reaction - Action is always faster.

Always be attacking. Once you start defending, you're losing.

I didn't look at this video specifically, but something i've noticed from other videos is that he often asks the defender if they're ready and then strikes while they're still answering. It's an old trick to catch people off guard.

I'm not saying he's not a beast, but it is a trick i see him use a lot.

I've had him do that to me too. No can defend!

He's a great teacher.

He spars with everyone at his seminars and is amazing; he'll do that to you all day long while sparring.