Razor Rob...

155ers be affraid of Razor Rob McCullough. Be very affraid.

For my Broham who will show up

Classic lines...

In the tunnel before the Olaf enterance "Pav, I hope this guy likes hospital food"

At the press conference before the Hauer fight in response to Randy saying he has goals "One goal should be to stay off of a respirator."

Cutting the TV intro for his next fight against Heally, "Hey Ryan remember to bring that Irish flag you walk into the ring with so I can burry you in it."

lol at him saying all that. wtf?



Razor Rob is the real deal.........He should be in the next Pride Bushido!!!!!!!!!

Rob is a cool cat...

left body kick!

right cross!


nice fast combo that he throws and lands.

Look for a big announcement for a high profile fight for Razor in July. The fight is inked. Oh and dont blink.

Razor Rob Vs. Hermes would be a sweet fight ;)