Razor Rob

When is he going to make his debut? Or has he not been signed yet?

Hes a pretty big as a lightweight compared to those in the div. I think he could pretty much dominate that division....I honestly believe that nobody has the stand up game to compete with him...A fight with Sean Sherk would be classic

Razor's a really tough dude.  He'll be fun to watch

Kit Cope looks like a bad ass as well...29-1 in Muah Thai tournys according to his website...Id like to see them hook up in a UFC fight....

Ya Rob is pretty big hes what 5'9 155lbs hes a monster

He is fighting Jan 20th at the Hard Rock. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Ah I see....Never mind bringing in Kit hahaha

But Id like to see Rob in the UFC

Rob will beat Cope...he's better standup (mma) and on the ground


If you've ever seen Rob fight. You'll never, he's a total bad ass.

He'll Knock Kit Cope TFO .

Dana owns ROB... he should make him eat some Q-pounders and sacrafice him to the MUSCLE SHARK

Razor would beat the muscle shark.

NOW.. NOW... KenP I know your paid to say that but you dont really belive that, do you?

What wakes you belive that? Razor is amazing but he has been fighting at a different level and the muscle just craked KenFlo who is a much better fighter than Rob(IMO)... Hey that sounds like a more interesting match.

I would bet every dollar I have on Razor against KenFlo.

"Razor would beat the muscle shark."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... That could be the worst matchup on the planet for Rob M .... He couldnt do anything about Josh Thomson taking him down at will and punishing him for 15 minutes in his only top level matchup... Now what would Sean do ?? That would be funny ...Rob M has done nothing in his pretty long mma career to prove one inkling of a chance at beating Florian let alone Sherk ...

and now that Seans down to his true weight at 55s ... all I can do is laugh at that ... but im sure the Pavster did as well as he wrote that nonsense ...

Razor has gone 11-1 since the Punk fight in 02 (and the loss was a controversial split decision). Only 3 of those wins went the distance and two were one round tourny wins.

In 02 he was a glorified kickbocker who was matriculating into the sport. He is a much more compltet fighter now as you will see.

Razor beats the Muscle Shark. Where you are blind soon you shall see.

Save your money, Sherk and Flo would tap out Razor.

I know Seans out .. but it actually wouldnt be an interesting fight though ... Rob M has beaten NOBODY in his 11-1 streak ... nor has shown one thing that would put him in Sherks league or Florians for that matter .. Give him a tough fight with a real A level guy and c where he really stands before talkinf nonsense about beating Sherk ...
I mean does the Pavster really beleive Rob M could keep from getting taken down at will by Sherk who has taken down everybody on his laundry list of GREAT fighters he has fought besides a comeback fight with GSP?? No he doesnt really beleive that ... Hes your guy so I guess you gotta say that ..(Ya it all makes sense now)

When he fought Josh he was fully into MMA training as much as Josh was and not just a glorified kickboxer (It was Robs 4th fight and Joshs 6th fight ).... he just wasnt very good at mma at a top tier level ... and he still isnt .. I mean for gods sake look at his last borefest fight in the WFA where he couldnt finish a C level fighter who had beaten him before and whom Josh Thomson disposed of easily in the 1st round... Also didnt see much improvement or will to wanna finish the fight (looked scared to hit the ground and therefore didnt wanna throw )... Rob aint no young pup either .. Hes been around for a long while and seems to have pretty much maximized his game which is B level .. He's a decent fighter but is not and will never be in the upper level of the sport (Sherk, Thomson,Edwards,Franca).. Ground game is too weak and his standup still isnt that great .. Good not great ...

He's a good WEC fighter ...

ttt for Rob, I would love to see him move over to the UFC, start at number 5 or so and work his way through some top fighters and face sherk in 08 for the belt

I think Rob will be the UFC champ, but do agree he needs some cage time with some top guys

If he gets that cage time with some top 5 155 ufc guys, he will take sherk