RE:BROCK Dana is an idiot

When I heard Dana shooting his cake hole off about Brock possibly never fighting again, i thought may be his mono was misdiagnosed as leukemia or may be he had severe Ulcerative Colitis but diverticulitis is no career ending illness. It is very common and usually clears in 1-2 weeks with oral antibiotics a seed/nut free diet. Worst case if he had an abcess, surgery is necessary to drain it or remove diseased segment of colon and then a small chance of a colostomy temporarily for 3-6 months to heal...Worst case scenario. Dana should have shut his fu&*&n trap and let Ratner or one of the ufc docs make a statement about his health. I cant believe a high level exec like Dana could be so loose lipped and irresponsible. i have always admired this guy but he has gone over the top with his ego

Dana played you

It was this forum that jumped the gun.

It's typical Dana White BS

Fedor is a bum

Brock is going to die

mcpeepants.. that's what I've been saying for a while now.

DW is trying to counter Fedor's arrival with bs like this. Getting us all worried for BS.

Brock is fine, always was.

An infection from Diverticulitis was sold as the reason for Brock's potential retirement? Dana wouldn't exaggerate would he? Nah, seriously, Brock is very sick, Im sure, but retirement from this would be ridiculous. Dana is a used car salesman.

im not sure what they mean by minor surgery, perhaps drainage of an abcess by a radiology guided needle. if it was anything more extensive hed be in the hospital for a week at least post op until he took a huge mountainous dump

The local talkshow in town (KQRS) was talking about Dana like he's some filthy, manipulative promoter. I've never heard them bother talking about him before. I guess he's getting press time.

 I seriously doubt that Brock will never fight again.

I see why Dana said what he said.

When Brock comes back, they will build up the return as a heartwarming situation where a man came back from the clutches of death to claim the title he never lost.

I mean Dana knows the game.

TTT for Brock fighting with a colostomy bag!