? re: SBG Beaverton

I understand that Michael Chapman (Black), Tom Oberhue (Black), and Dan Robinson (Blue) are the BJJ instructors, according to the website at http://www.straightblastgym.net/.

Does anybody know who actually teaches the classes regularly?

Although I'm 12, I currently train with the adults so I need the rates. I've checked the website and didn't find it ...

There's a possibility that my family might move to that area so I'm initiating some basic research. Any additional info is appreciated. Thanks.

all of them teach regularly, theres a ton of amazing guys there, cant go wrong with that gym

Here you go:


Look forward to training w/ you if you move here.

Dave Copeland


You have me on Monday nights. I believe you can train for a week for free, so come on in and see how you like it. Experience is the best teacher IMO.

PS Great nickname. I love the move Dune.


Feel free to give me a call at 503.350.3926.

We can talk extensively about the programs, your goals, and what the best fit is for you.

Looking forward to your call!

Tom Oberhue
Straight Blast Gym - Beaverton


Beaverton has a lot of really tough guys who have a wide variety of styles. The coaches are outstanding and the average class talent is deep. You train there and you are sure to develop a great bjj game.

Thanks guys! I haven't forgotten about the phone call ... I keep reminding my dad but he travels a lot.

I am currently training with Ralph Gracie and pay $40/month unlimited and was curious about the difference in the rates.

I also compete in Judo and was curious if you train it, much like Luis Guttierez' school. Luis, very, very good videos! PAW 1 and PAW 2 rei

I have left voicemails on all of my dad's TNs and sent emails to his corporate and Yahoo accounts. I will remind him again when he calls tonight.

Thanks gents!

If I knew it was that easy to get Oberhue to post.....

Hi Tom!