Reaction when Zombie makes scrambled brains (GIF)

Can't see shit

edit - now I see

Lol what was that 

What the fuck? Lmao

Lol contacts suck

Full scene

Hahahah I hope to see this gif after knockouts from here on out. 

Anik farted and messed Stann up.

Lots of uses for that gif

Link for the gif please?

Anik's farts are the best in the business 

I like Stann.

Dugs95 -

Lol what was that 

As a serious answer, he was checking his teeth for crud and stretching his facial muscles in prep, forgot/didn't realize he had already gone live.

Looks like some tics to me. A lot of my fellow veterans that served in combat have some sort of tics. Kind of weird looking though.

Must be that good Columbian coke

I have video of anik and Stann yelling "shhhh!!!" "Quite!!!" At the camera!!!

A couple events ago!