Read if you r boycotting xfc

Do you honestly think I am concerned? How many XFC's have you been to? You are threatening to take something from me I never had. You should take a page from BONELLO'S book and be a man and confront your problem (ie me) rather than being a dog and and looking for a pack to run with.

Do you think I am the leader of a cult and orderred tony to do what he did?

We have a 1000 + at EVERY show probably 6 maybee 20 max are from here, pull your head in and realise the insignifgance of yourself.

I'll say it again gentleman or ren & stimpy. That is the last word I will say on it.


I was conflicted.

tehre's no way I'd boycott such a great event but I wanted to know what was wrong :(


i dare you to sign it.

i for one will fight on XFC when i get back from brasil at the end of april if the offer is good.
Any one who fight professionally would assess any and all offers put to them.
As longs as a promoter does what he says and pays what he owes that all fighters can hope for.
Justins always been up front with me when it comes to business and that all i need



Now I'm just confused...


i will say what i always say re this matter, fuck all the doggers, justin provides us with a high quality show giviong fighters the oportunity to display there skills to fans, and i would always jump in the ring for justin for free, so just the fuck up and let it be or i will start pulling out my AK when i move over.


If you want to jump in the ring for free try KOTC ;)

Keats, I think it's important you don't confuse the issues.

For all the things said about Justin, I don't think I've seen a fighter that has fought on XFC complain about him (at least while the relationship is working for all involved)

It seems that's his one redeeming feature.




Pro fighters can fight where they want. But Lawrence in needs to feel the pain of this where it hurts, in his hip pocket. Why does he speak the way he does about people then when it looks lik he is in some froth and bubble he comes on pleading for some sanity. SIck mate. Absolutely. You are a very sick man. Back to your medication please.


Mr. Putin. Who are YOU really?

This is pretty silly.

For one... KOTC does not equal XFC,
sure the two promotions have a good relationship.

As does Warriors Realm and Spartan. They are still
different shows.

What will boycotting the show prove ? There looks to be some good fights on the card, with some good athletes competing. I am looking to fly up from adelaide for the weekend to see XFC as the show looks to be strong. I will also be swinging by Toowoomba way to see Matty Knight's last fight in his home town.

I am a supporter of all local MMA events.

Kym ( just a fighter ) Robinson

"KOTC does not equal XFC"

I already said that !!



As Justin has said the guys on here and the guys from other stables that he pisses off make up a very small % of the crowd. But at the same time the guys on here that he pisses off have the right to decide not to spend their money on a show Justin is invloved with.

But it is also funny to watch Justin say the smart fans are insignificent but then fighters come on here who support Justin and say its wrong some fans don't want to go to his shows.

Also Tank I never said XFC and KOTC were the same. I have also only heard good things from the guys who fight on Justins shows. As it came out that a fighter on KOTC didn't get his pay i made a joke that since Cade said he would fight for free he should put his name down for KOTC instead of XFC.

By the way Cade not a good finacial decision to tell a promoter you will fight for free :)

Keats a) I really don't care and 2) it just seemed like your comment was "connecting" the KOTC non-pay issue and the boycott XFC issue.

I think it's important that we keep the various concerns seperate:

1) Justin is an arsehole
2) Some KOTC/Fighter payment problems have been raised.
3) Underwear clad man chasing other man = disturbing (at least to me)

All important, just unconnected from where I'm sitting.

No biggie to me, I'm really just typing to get my post count up.



Yeah he runs a really class show. No really. That's why you have sections of the crowd starting mass brawls whilst the bouncers stand around watching (because they are mates of the ones involved) and the referee jumping out of the ring to choke one or two guys out and shit flying everywhere. Not to mention the constant rumours of worked fights. Luckily Bonallo doesn't read these posts or he might come round and blind side me. No really. All class. At least they don't say their fighters are fighting Olympic wrestlers from Iran when they aren't. They just say they are fighting mute wrestlers from Turkey who doesn't even know how to wrestle.

Real class. If he was in Victoria he would have been banned as a promoter. Joe Sita, wake up and find a real partner.


Hi Tank hows your weekend been?

Just trying to help you get your post count up ;)