Read Jens' Blog, Win Prizes!

You’ve been following it all season long of The Ultimate Fighter 5, and now it can pay off with prizes!  “Never: The book”, and present the Jens Pulver TUF 5 reaction blog trivia contest.
As you know, Courtesy of the UFC and Spike TV, Jens Pulver and InsideFighting receive a copy of each week’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter 5" (TUF5) before it airs. Jens then provides InsideFighting readers with his reaction to the episode in his coach's blog which is immediately posted online after the show is done airing every Thursday night.
There are fourepisodes of TUF5 and four new weekly reaction blogs from Jens left this season and each week InsideFighting readers will win prizes for reading the blog.
Here’s how it’s going to work:
After you watch Spike TV’s TUF5 episode for that week, head over to and read Jens’ exclusive coach’s blog. Somewhere in the blog there will be a trivia question that you can answer based on information in that week’s blog. Read the blog, find the question, and send your answer to along with your name and mailing address.
Each week for five weeks there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. That’s fifteen chances to win a prize in all. And that’s not all! All correct e-mailed answers will be automatically entered to win the Grand Prize.
So check out the prizes already!
1st place An autographed paper back copy of Jens Pulver’s new book “Never”.
2nd place An autographed photo postcard of Jens Pulver from
3rd place An exclusive Jens Pulver T-Shirt from
Grand Prize:
An autographed hardcover copy of Jens’ new book, “Never”.
An exclusive Jens Pulver T-shirt from
And Jens Pulver recording your answering machine or voicemail message!
So don’t forget to watch Spike TV’s TUF5 Thursday nights at 10pm E/T and then go directly to to read Jens’ coach’s blog and enter to win prizes!

And The Wednesday Group That Will Change The World

Thanks SaskBJJ, don't forget to enter Thursday night!

TTT's appreciated y'all (as the kids say it)


How about as a prize one hour free private training with Mr Pulver. That would kick some ass.


Keoni, that would kick ass. For now, those are the prizes we're going with. I imagine something like a private would involve either travel or limiting the prize to those in his area, but I like the idea personally and you never know what could happen in the future. Stay tuned to InsideFighting, we have big things in store.

PurebredUSA, TTT for you all first of all and secondly I need to send you an e-mail back! I'm so sorry for my delay. Things have been very hectic but that's no excuse as they are for everyone. I got your last e-mail, thanks for writing, and I have some ideas taking into account what you explained.

Thanks for the ups and all the best!

Oh, and here is the link to the contest details page just added at InsideFighting:

Thanks to Jens Pulver, Timothy J. McKinnon, and for making this happen!


I imagine something like a private would involve either travel or limiting the prize to those in his area,"

Good call, didnt think of that. Just watching out for my own well being again.

Keoni, Haha! But I do like the idea. Those factors don't necessarily nix such an idea, they are just things to consider and account for. I'd love to do something like that in the future!

good stuff. i want that book :)

Thanks SwanpRocker. Then be sure to read the blog and enter the contest each week!

ttt for Jens.

I read the blog every week, so here's to hoping that I win, since I am going to buy the book if I don't win anyway! LOL!

LOL, that's the spirit BZLJJ! Thanks for reading. Don't forget to tell your friends.