Real PRO Wrestling

I see it always advertised in the mags but have yet seen it on the tv...has anybody seen it... and when the hell was it on if ever

I would like to see this also,


They have two divisions, Greco and Freestyle. But, why don't they have a submission division to make it whole?? Why is Submission not a recognized as a form of wrestling by the mainstream?

mebby Coleman could do a run in and hit some mofo with a chair?

all i saw was a commercial on tv

Until subs get put back in wrestling I don;t see it getting on TV on a regular basis.

First off, the ring looks like it was designed by the Battle Dome team. Ugh.

2nd, if there's a low lack of interest in collegiate or Olympic wrestling, why would sub-Olympic wrestlers be mroe popular? Because there's a "sumo" rule?

I dunno.. I got really bored watching "The Contenders", plus it had the gayest PPV commercial ever.