Real weight/ height of MMAFighters

I am not trying to cause controversy, but I honestly believe that many MMA fighter don't give their exact height. Also, what are some of the walking around weights of fighters? I, for example walk around at 184 and fight at 170, and it says I am 5'11" but I am really 5'8". I met Matt Hughes and he was 2 inches horter than I was.

Why does everyone lie so damn much? 6'2" (but i am only 6' 1 3/4" in stocking feet, 208 (fight at 185.

Hughes is 5'9"

cus they have small dicks!

OMA is 6'3"

When I met Hughes, he was not taller than I was. I agree, I don't like lying about that as well, but everyone wants to be intimidating on paper; it does play a good role if it gets to your opponent's head.

It depends on what you're looking for.

(IM surprised someone hasn't mentioned Anderson Silva yet).

Take him for a prime example. His stats say 5'11", but everyone knows it's a big big lie. Look at his WEC match against Lee Murray. They stood eye to eye while the stats came up and said


it's almost hilarious to read the stats displayed in front of the video while they stand eye to eye.

Anderson against (my favourite fighter) Rich Franklin.

Is Frank Trigg really 5'9"? Wasn't he a bit taller than Hughes???

Personally, I'd rather submit lower numbers if I could. I'd rather surprise a guy with something I have, than "intimidate" him with something I don't have.

I agree Johnny.