Reality Combat TV Show!!!!!!!

Reality Combat is proud to announce the the first episode of Reality Combat TV will air on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on cable channel 13 on Saturday Nov. 6th at 7:30 pm and again on Friday Nov 12th at 9:30 pm. The show will be an hour long show ( with a hot host) that will show 7 fight's from our Caged Mayhem event ( with commentary from Bas Rutten) plus some interview's with fighters competing in upcoming Reality Combat events.

We are also in final negations with Cox Sports Net to have our show aired regularly in about 1.4 million homes.


Wow, that is so awesome BigJim!!!

BIG Congrats!!!


Thanks we just shot the first show last night. It was a lot of fun. We are pleased to bringing our show to the public with some luck and a lot of hard work maybe we can bring a few new fans into the sport with each show.

thats cool

David call me when you get a chance. I think i can get you the job writing a story about our Feb show and the grappling tournament for grappling mag.

Jim, Tape the show for me i really want to see it!

The cox communications thing would be HUGE.

I personally watch the Cox sports shows every week including the FightTV section and the high school football.

Plus, Cox was a major contributor for the Athletic Academic building at LSU, and they have the building names after them. They also do all the programming on the LSU Campus and most of the homes in Louisiana. Big things there.

For those who have never been able to be at any of the Reality Combat shows, tune in!! These guys do everything first class.

i can help you guys out if the cox deal goes through as far as getting flyers out around LSU's campus. it might at least get you a few new fans. that sounds good to me jim. i'll call you in the next few days.

ttt reality combat


Thanks David I will let you know when everything is done.

The production value on this show is going to be awsome! Not to mention the fights.

Plus one of my fights will be on the first show. Reality Combat is taking over in this mo fo.

I long for the days JC Penningtons computer was broken. Now I have to read his mess on the forums again.

And im not even warmed up yet, SUCKA.


you gonna put j.c.'s american justice fight on there? thats the one that he always seems to want played for everyone. seriously though, that'd be pretty cool to have those fights on t.v.