REALITY FIGHTING 6 - Coming soon!

We are signing a deal this week for our next Reality Fighting MMA Show, Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Fighters interested in competing please email Joe Cuff (

More info coming soon...


April 7th is a Wednesday. When we spoke before you said it was on April 3rd, which is a Saturday.

Sean Madigan

courier post will cover this event again!!!


ttt for RF 6

ttt for the real date


Sorry - Saturday April 3rd!


See you soon Chris!

i'm psyched for joe mcfarlane vs. jay isip.

"i'm psyched for joe mcfarlane vs. jay isip."-

Cottone's not fighting him?

Cottone told me he didnt want to fight because he is expecting a new born soon.

-Joe McFarlane

Heading back to AC...oh boy!!!....Joe


I talked to Nick the other day and his fiancee had the baby on Dec. 25th...

I dont think he will be fighting but who knows...


btw Kipp, what is it going to be named!?!?!?!

thats the same day as the pan that sux


Is this the same event that had the contest to name the event. If so who won and what is the winning name .

TTT for Kipp!