Rich Latta v Daniel Coffman

Dom Stanco v Charles Vuolo

Dominic Dellagatta v Bill Scott

Mike Ciesnolevicz v Todd Going

Carmello Marrero v Chris Dippolito

Jesse Moreng v Jay Isip

Anthony McDonald v Anthony DAngelo

Dante Rivera v Jay Handley

Norm Schack v Jason Frankovich

Laura DAuguste v Amanda Buckner

Lance Everson v Jordan Pergola

Carlos Cline v Glen Sandull

Eddie Alvarez v Chris Schlesinger

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that was a great card, highlighted by moreng and isip's war, d'auguste' battle with buckner, and everson's impressive win over pergola.


wow! only 20. bucks. ttt

don't forget the riot

you mean the one belligerent dude getting beat down by security while his GF scream "no!"?

This was an awesome show. The fight afterwards was too! I think Palmquist got beat up.

i got socked in the back of the head, but not too bad. I think the guy who got in the worst was the guy who got backhanded by biggie. the guy must have been 60.

A.) he got elbowed

B.) he tocuhed me first

C.) he was more like mid 50's

D.) his cock-sucking son/friend/whatever hit me and Bill with a chair

i watched that fool pick up the chair and toss it and thought to myself, "god, what an idiot. he's going to get killed."

you'll see that Isip is a true warrior but the fight should have been stopped when he got knocked out the first time. You will also see that Carlos Cline should have won!

cline should not have won, as his "pushing away with his foot on sandull's chest" was too close to up-kicking - which is illegal. he was even penalized for it at one point.

3 t's

Bill Bill Bill :-)

i am spartacus. no wait, i'm jim genia - from FCF.

Hey Kirik.Good time last Sat.Yeah,those clowns at Reality Fighting were acting up all night.Calling one fighter a fag for praying before his fight,throwing stuff in the ring,etc.They were warned multiple times by security,and refused to settle down.But they changed their tune when they started getting thier asses kicked.Once they received the Biggie elbow,it was complete panic.Other than that,everyone was fine.Great fights that night.

at least that weak-ass jon mccaffrey wasn't there. he woulda really brought the IQ of the audience down.

hi kkm.