Rear naked choke pic? Instruction?

I need to print off a pic of the rear naked choke, and some instructions with it. I am going to do a short instructional speech in my next class (which is about an hour from now), and was wondering if any of you knew where I could find this. However, I am looking for a drawing, as opposed to an actual picture. I don't want to use up a lot of ink on my printer, since I have to make about 20 copies of this. lolThanks! :)

Go to and look for hadakajime under techniques.


I think that would be more of a modified chicken wing! lol


Who's doing the choking in that picture?


Thanks for the pic, now I just need to find a good explanation of it. I would type it out, but this is a very impromptu thing, and I still have to eat before I leave out the door! lol


For another pic, or a good explanation...please? :)

Thanks guys! You can let this thread die. I am on my way to class now! :)

"Thanks guys! You can let this thread die. I am on my way to class now! :) "


"Thanks guys! You can let this thread die. I am on my way to class now!"

No way, ingrate. I want to know what grade we got.


I would have sugested the judo information site....they have a bunch of drawings. However, me thinks I am a little to late.....sorry.

LOL, apparantly you missed it, but I posted that he should look at that site eight minutes after he posted :)

Great site BTW.


Sorry Hackett I didn't see that......This crack I am smoking makes me do that.

lol! don't forget to tuck the chin over your arm

"seems like if you are giving a talk in a class you would know how to explain and demonstrate the most basic move in grappling"

I knew how to demonstrate it, and did it VERY well! ;)

But, part of the assignment was to pass out a "handout" that went along with what you were going to discuss. I procrastinated, and assumed that I would find a rear-naked choke pic and a description quickly on the net. I was wrong. That is why I asked for your help. It worked. The professor was VERY impressed, as were the other students. They learned the proper technique and the safety issues behind it. Also, I discussed how to revive someone that went out.

Ok, now let this die! :)



When Roy Harris was filming his first German instructional video he was using me to show the basics of the rear naked choke.

I was sitting and he was behind me and it takes just one second and I was out. It is unbelivable when you see it on tape you can´t belive how fast I was out. I didn´t feel anything. My head was not red I felt no pressure I was just out.:-)

Later on he showed me the mechanics of the rear naked choke on my leg and I had to tap because he was sqeezing my leg so hard. He defenatly has mechanics.:-)

Take care