Reason Baroni hates Quest

I'm remembering when Couture and Belfort fought, and they were asking thoughts on who would win the fight, and they went up to Baroni, and he said "I'm not a big fan of Team Quest, infact I hate 'em.."

Reason being , well its an obvious one, hes always getting beat by the fighters in Team Quest. Lindland and Evan, both have two victories over them.

I really think Baroni needs to either get serious about fighting or find another career. He was never really good in the first place, he hits hard and thats about it, I haven't seem him do jack shit on the ground, he sucks at submissions, he's never even attempted a sub if I remember correctly, I suppose his only defense in that is that he's never been subbed before.

Where do you all see Baroni and his future?

I actually believe team Quest are the toughest and
classiest fighters on the planet,and i if i chose to
fight it would be with that camp.Coutre is a gent,and
Hendo is P4P the best fighter in the U.S. today.

seifer -- yeah, I'm sure Tito, Chuck, Busta, Renzo, Miletich, Vitale and plenty of others really enjoyed experiencing what you call Team Quest's 'layandpray.'

Actually didnt Phil train at Quest for a short time before all the BS started?

Yes he did.

but glad to see him off the juice finally

Phil seems to have a falling out with everyone he trains with.

"he only likes guys that go for the finish not layandpray guys"

Weird; at which point did he go for the finish on Saturday?

Lay and Pray?



Crack head?

TEAM QUEST is the best fight team on the planet.

I'm glad Evan won but Phil looked like shit.

Didn't look like the old Phil.

I hope he gets another fight.

"i think he hates them not because of that, but more because they do that gay run up against the fence and hump your leg shit hehehe"

why is the word Gay always mentioned in a phil thread?

"They had a falling out over something, might have been over laundry."

yeah, lindland didn't want to wash baroni's daisy dukes

Team Quest has some tough dudes man. They study and work the fight game like scientists.

pigpen beat me to it.

I think this should be an ongoing saga. TQ has enough rising stars to just pass Baroni around like a pack of cigarettes. Chris Leben should get to beat him up, then Ed Herman, then Dennis Davis, then Greg Piper....

Baroni looks totally different in the weighin, he's been at Enson's gym in Japan.

What the hell is he been doing, training or posing in his daisy dukes shorts? Well he had his chance to redeem himself, he had 15 minutes to put away Tanner.

Maybe Team Quest can make a video on How to beat a loud mouth body builder! I think Matt and Evan fights will do the trick, they prove their skills work time and time again.

Team Quest got their payback 4 times over!

"The reason he hates Team Quest is because he is a bitter hater, that should be fairly obvious. Does anyone remember hia insincere post about how he was glad Lindland beat him because it enabled Lindland to finally buy his family a home? I nearly puked. Three weks later he was back to bad mouthing Lindland again."

What a BASTARD. I remember him badmouthing Tito on the UG. Tito actually let his ass sleep on his couch when he was training with Team Punishment. Of course, the badmouthing part came after he done training with Punishment.

He hates them cause they keep beating him.


"Where do you all see Baroni and his future?"

Working in a gay bar.

Sorry, it was just too easy :)