Reasons why nobody watches MMA anymore?

I’m another who’s lost interest. I think mostly WME-IMG ruined things after they took over. Fight Nights usually aren’t worth giving your Saturday nights to and the ppv cards are just way too expensive.

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I could have been more descriptive or used more adjectives, but yeh, all the guys you mentioned tick the boxes I had in mind. You could just say they were characters. Nowadays they all seem pretty bland and while there may be some characters still, the ratio between them and the run of the mill joe average is very diluted. I’ll retract the tattoo comment, got nothing against them, they just seem to correlate highly with the stereotype I had in mind.

I wouldn’t call any martial arts org “entertainment”.
Pride and One certainly feel they promote good culture.
FIFA is a criminal cartel and most of their inner circle should be shot. It’s an organisation the UFC tries to model its business strategy after.
The question will always be: more fans and money or improve the sport and work with the (hardcore) base.

The UFC is DEFINITELY an entertainment organization. So are the other orgs I listed.

Oh, its remotely true.

Nate Diaz is an example too…

Maybe you weren’t around for Ken Flo, Forrest, Joe Daddy, Chipper, Junie, ect.

Yes clearly people were more invested in Junie Browning and Joe Stevenson than Conor, Izzy, Jorge, Ferg, Gaethje, Volk, Holloway, Ngannou, Usman, Colby, Khamzat etc etc.

What the fuck?

Personally I dont think the UFC started to get good until around 97ish, and didnt start truly hitting its stride until the Zuffa years. The early style vs style stuff was fun for what it was, and yeah it was entertaining usually, but you could barely even call it MMA most of the time and the talent level mostly sucked, it was bush league. The evolution after that was pretty rapid.



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OK, but it’s a publicly traded company. The entire goal should be more fans and more money. That’s literally their responsibility to their investors. Improving the sport and working with the base is important…as long as it leads to more fans and more $.

Hardcore fans don’t spend much money, not MMA fans anyway. Look around here, it’s almost impossible to get most of the posters here to pay for anything. The real money is probably in their various deals/partnerships. Granted, you have to have an audience statistic to show potential TV outlets, but that’s where just having a large swath of casual viewers is more important than the small number of diehards.

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Lacks moat with alligators is the obvious answer.


It’s fight week, blog week!

I miss those. They are on fightpass if you search for them.

For me, the fighters mostly seem generic. Same all round style, same fight kit, no individuality.

The programming is all over the place. Too many watered down shows and fight pass interface is total dogshit.

Hopefully il get back into it better oneday


This is it. Also, not only is not style vs style, but MMA is distilled down to: 1-2, high kick, take down. Rinse and repeat.

Wrestling, BJJ and striking all keep each other at a very shallow depth.

Street fights are more interesting now.

The only time I care about MMA now is when it’s some physical monster like Ngannou, because it’s interesting to watch somebody that huge fight.

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