Recovering from MCL injury questions?

 I severly sprained my MCL in my left knee in January and just now am being told I can start slowly working out and training again.  Anyone ever recovered from this before and have advice?

 guess Ill just keep icing it.  LOL

I severly sprained my MCL in March 2008. It was a lot worse than I thought. I limp around for about 2 weeks. Once you sprain or have minor tears in your MCL you need to get on crutches for about 2 weeks (which I didn't do), and plenty of ice.

I would recommend riding the stationary bike a least 3 times a week. Also you want to do some leg extentions as well to help rehab your knee.

I stopped going to Jiu-Jitsu becuase it was too hard on my MCL. My guard was easy to pass, hurt to sweep people, and it also hurt to hip slide on my bad knee.

So I strictly did boxing for 1 year to give my knee a rest. It took about a good year for my knee to heal where I was able to work my takedowns and get back into jiu-jitsu. I'm wondering if it took that long because I didn't rehab it like I was supposed to, or if it had to do with my age (being 35 years old).

My knee feels pretty good now :)

You really have to take the time off, and rehab it properly or it will never be the same again.

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Ok, I shoulda been more specific.  I have seen a doc, and listened.  Got an MRI.  And I am now doing the physical therapy.  So Im doing the right stuff. 

I guess I just wanted to know how long it took for some of you till your knee was finally back to 'normal'.

I have been slowly easing back into BJJ and Boxing, and suprising the boxing is more uncomfortable.  When I turn my knee/hips on punches, its annoying uncomfortable.  But not deadly painful.

That said, thank you all for the advice and posts.  I will continue doing as my doc says.

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I've had surgery on my ACL and MCL. Depending on the severity of the injury training should probably be taken slowly and eased into.

Your the best judge of your own pain and pain tollerence and therefore can more accurately measure the amount of output of any given workout. I think as long as you stay mindful of your injury and avoid specific drills that incorporate using the injured body part (MCL in this case.) you should be fine.

The MCL and ACL injuries are "wierd" in the since that its VERY easy to "overdo" it after it starts to loosen up. In my case, i've never been back to 100% in my knee and most don't with the same injury. Its one of those injuries that can nag at you for a LONG time so make sure not to further your injury or get it checked by someone who actualy knows what they are talking about. :)

ps. Hope it gets better man.