Recruiting Fighters...

For EastsidE Combat Club's camp. If you have a background in any of the following: Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and/or Sub Grappling.... we are looking for you! Come be part of Michigan's elite, while you still can!

We offer a state of the art facility with a great growing staff of trainers and training partners. We have talent from WEC, KOTC, IFL and more to make you a better fighter and part of a great fighting brotherhood! We get fighters, amateur and professional, where they want to go with their careers! Contact me for more details.

Coming in January 2008 to EastsidE Combat Club.... a full 24 foot MMA Cage!

ThE DevastatioN
BrendaN SeguiN
ECC President

i want info. email me at thanks

my name is jay little


^^^^^^im interested

can I come try out?

Our gym is in Clinton Twp. We are looking for guys who are fighters or have a background in a combative sport, ie wrestling, jits, boxing, etc. If you don't have a camp to train with or want a better camp to train with.. we're the place!

And Jay.... no! Sorry buddy, you need to get a couple more fights under your belt before you're ready for the big time!

Seguin don't joke....

No... I'm serious... ALL OF THE TIME!!!