"Red Devil" Sergey Golyaev wins...

although it sounds as though he faced an excellent striker and had a rough time standing with this guy....

Sergey Golyaev (67 kg) "Red Devil" def. Dmitriy Megrobyan (65 kg)"Donetsk?" via a triangle

It was said that Megrobyan was a boxing champion from the Ukraine, and Golyaev had to use a ground game to defeat this guy .. so you know he had to have some serious striking skills for Sergey to be forced to "take it down" for the sub to get the win.

Anyway, I just thought I'd update you guys on Sergey, as he made a few fans at the MFC Russian -vs- USA event earlier this year.

BTW, this was a smaller M-1 event .... It was said that the overall quality of fighter was not on the level of their bigger events, so it was more like a developmental event for young talent I am guessing.

Props to PaganiZonda, who finds all of these difficult to locate results.

Since there are a few fans out there, I will announce here first that Sergei Golyaev will be returning to Atlantic City at Euphoria MFC's next event, on OCtber 11th.

Golyaev's opponent is getting a contract this week, and we will have an announcement!


Good deal Miguel, keep us updated man.