Hello to All,

Just had an opportunity to review the Red Zone II DVD.


I love instructionals that would show you a handful of easy workable principles and concepts, and then have the rest of the time devoted to showing you how it is applicable in dozens of REALISTIC scenarios.

The Red Zone II video has this.

I am less impressed by someone showing me hundreds of techniques, without the subtle and salient explanations.

I watched this video ONCE, and was able to teach it to my guys........

HOWEVER, one needs to understand from the outset that Jerry addresses common committed knife assaults......and he shows easy workable responsed to THESE attacks. One can forever theories how the video didn't cover this attack or that attack.............IRRELEVANT. Take the video in the CONTEXT that it was supposed to, and you will learn something.

What I liked about this video is an improvement to the entry with the use of DIVE AND DRIVE. That one concept in itself is worth the video in my opinion.

I had trouble with the original entry shown in Red Zone I, in that I have "girly" hands and sprained thumbs and bent back fingers were a regular incident. The Dive and Drive helped alleviate that danger

Of course, I will add this to what I ALREADY do, but I think the Dive and Drive will improve my handling of low line threats. I basically enter with my "cross block" position just in case the assailant does a fake low, strike high, but the actual low line pick up is excellent.

The follow ups I do will vary.........but the hard part is getting in and immobilising the knife hand.

I would advise that you get Red Zone I and II for a complete understanding of the principles.


Is there a website for this? Thanks in advance.

Hi Mike,


Thanks for the quick response Ray.