Rednosepit "Steve Berger"

Why doesn't this guy have a green name??? Has anyone realized he has been around here posting with us and everyone thought he was just another guy who likes mma? Someone do something please...Steve if you get this email me at Gerald

I'm in Coos Bay right now, tomorrow morning my swain mats come in and I have to be here for them. I bought 72 mats that are their top of the line mats. My grappling space is going to be top notch! I am working on getting a boxing ring and I hope to be going april 1st in Eugene. I am there all week if you are in me and I will give you my number...Robert Follis is a great guy, tell him I said hello!

Gerald...wanted to say hey wats up bro...hope things are goin well for ya...I would love to fly you down to get some good work in on the you think thats something you'd be interested in? Probably only like a week or so.

Josh "thepunk" Thomson

What's up Gerald. I have your email. I email you later on tonight. I'm headed out the door for work right now. Take care, thanks for the post. ~Steve

Hey Steve,

Why the name Rednosepit.  Do you have one?


Because he has a red contusion that resembles a nose on his armpit.

Josh, I appreciate the offer bro, it would be a great honor to help you train for a fight but I am on the verge of opening my gym right now and I have to be here to recieve my mats, ring, bags etc. I am also working on a lease which is a first for me. I am completely strapped down dude! Good luck with your fight though, if you start to feel like you might be in trouble throw your downward backfist and have faith....refer to our fight for the proper technique....later bro, Gerald

What's up Strebby--

I still think its the coolest thing that you can have 2 guys that fight, and later, they are friends and even offer to train with each other. . . its like Apollo Creed and Rocky, and we get to see stuff like this all the time.

Gerald- how are you doing brother? Shoot me an email at


mrGone is just a waste of space.

Steve, this is Jesse Hernandez...I trained w/ you years ago (I train with Steve Hannah). I am going to be in town and wondered if you have your own place to train.

I thought about calling rodrigo as well but haven't been there in years. Thanks.

What's up Elvis. Nice to meet you, via email anyway! Your fight against Forest was hardcore, partner. Either one of you guys could have went down. Great entertainment for the crowd! I'm a huge fan of pitbulls, I own two. One of them is a red nose, hence the name. Jesse-I do have my own place now. Your welcome anytime. Call me and I'll give you directions, 314-277-6644

i challenge gerald

Freestyle, I accept your challenge, meet me on Edson range "range Bravo" where Lee Harvy Oswald qualified as an Expert rifleman. I'll be there at 1 PM. If I'm not there when you get there just wait....

to hilly to fight with a hog only way is if i meat you in one of the tunnels that run to the pits or 29 lake bandini i will wait to see you first

Cool, thanks for that steve.


Ahhhhhh Macedawgg....big group hug.....

Hey Gerald - Whats up brotha' ? Shoot me an e mail at I may be able to get some fights for you and your guys. Glad to see you back home safe.

ye old pal,


TTT for Steve Berger too.

Would love to see Steve Berger vs Thomas Denny

I was just re-watching Strebendt vs Thomson last night. Damn what a fight! They should fight again for the title of "fighter who gets their name misspelled most often".

Good luck with your gym Gerald. Did you buy that 8 sided ring?

Nice to hear things are going good for you Gerald! Where is Coos Bay? Bjj or MMA school?