Ref antics....

I like my refs invisible. All of a sudden everyone has a gimmick...

The greatest ref of all time, Mills Lane, started this trend with his finger to the nose thingy and his coining of the phrase "Let's get it on!" But I love Mills so he gets a pass.

Big John stole Lane's gimmick and made it his own. He's fallen so in love with it, though, that he feels like he's Michael Buffer getting everyone ready to rumble. Refs are officiators not promoters or hype need to add all the flare Johnny.

Mario spreads world peace with his little love heart before fights. Gotta love officials using the presence of television cameras to bring attention to themselves, even with something as hippy harmless as love.

Just disappear and we'll like you well enough, guys. Or at least I will. No mantras, catch phrases, mottos, slogans, trademarks, hand gestures, winks, farts or other cutesy bullshit.

Shut up and stand back, only intervening to pull crazed cage fighters from the cadavers of their fallen foes.

That is all. Phone Post