Remember forum Moderator Rafiel Torre?

I don’t know the story, but have seen GSTREBENDT mention some events or respond to questions on the forum before.

Always enjoy the references to Gokor and other people around the early days.

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Do It Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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When i lost in the UFC Gokor was there. I think Karo fought his first ufc that night as well. Gokor was like “Big Papa”… he was the man back then to all of us. We worshipped him. Yea, we heard about him rolling with Liborio, and we just rolled with it… Gene said Gokor was the most dangerous grappler in the world… i got beat pretty easily in the UFC and i cried back stage… Gokor came up in his old world Armenian suit he would wear with his high heeled cowboy boots and he genuinely gave me a hug… he really felt for me… he was always a gentleman to everybody. He never let anybody at the Hayastan hurt me. One time i did a Genki Sudo rolling toe hold on him and caught him and he just laughed and slowly peeled my hands off his foot and cracked my neck… he was a giant back then


I met Rafiel at my first fight. He was there doing coverage for some reason. I think it was the same weekend as the Super Bowl that year. He used to write up these little stories for the ADCC website and gave me a shoutout for winning, which was pretty cool back then. He was interviewing some guys and asking them normal questions and then just randomly throwing in bizarre questions just to get a reaction. I remember standing in earshot of somebody and he asked them what they thought of anal sex and whoever he interviewed said it sounded like it would hurt.

I never had any dealings with him besides that. He was nice enough to me and the other fighters but I guess he was like that to a lot of people too. It’s sad how things ended up for him because even though he lied about his background, he was still there just before MMA got big and he could have been a respected MMA journalist. But he couldn’t keep his life straight and murdered a guy for pretty messed up reasons. I hope that guy’s wife didn’t get away with it either.