Remember this Tito/Chuck/Ken sh*tstorm at UFC 51?

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7titofan7 - I dont know why chuck got all bent out of shape. All tito said was "so i can beat chucks ass" after saying he hopes he wins and that chuck got the better of him the first time. Chuck was just a douche and made a big scene. Shamrock had a legit issue, but chuck was just rediculous. Phone Post 3.0
    Its personal between the 2. Shut up <img alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" src="/images/phone/apple.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" /></blockquote>
Even still, what he said wasnt enough to deserve carry on like that. Just my opinion mate <img alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" src="/images/phone/apple.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" /></blockquote>


your opinion... with 7Titofan7 as an sn. That's not an opinion mate that's basically expressing that as a fanboy on one side of a quarrel where your guy got whupped twice, you are still bitter and this is an opportunity to express said bitterness.


I dont remember mentioning anything about their whole issue. Just that night. The point was, then and there chuck did not need to leave his seat and start a confrontation over what tito said that night. And if u read, i said shamrock had a legit issue, i dont defend the dumb shit tito says and does, u can be a fan and still see logic and still see the issues for what they are. I guess ill have to say it again for you people, ON THAT NIGHT chuck overreacted and carried on for no reason in my opinion. Phone Post 3.0
And believe me, its not easy being a fan of his. Im not bitter about anything at all, ive learnt to deal with dissapointment long ago champ. And unlike a lot of narrowminded anti-tito and pro chuck and dana people i can see both sides of the story all those years ago. And clearly, its still the chuck fans that are "butthurt" Phone Post 3.0

Man I miss the old days some times.

Good stuff.

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gage949 - Hard to beat the circa 05 era at 205

Vitor Phone Post 3.0

Actual star power... unlike these days.

Man the old Pride and UFC days had major Star power.

Good times IMO

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Well, he is fighting for the freedom of mixed martial arts

Rogan nailed it. So funny

This takes the cake imo

LMAO......Mayhem smiling whole time.

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Here's one that never really gets brought up. Closest to a riot I've seen in the UFC. Chuck almost gets in a brawl with one dude here

Forgot how bad of a beating Cabbage put on Tank that night. VU. Thanks for posting it. Phone Post 3.0

"i'll knock u out again"says chuck

"youll knock me out again but i'll step in this octagon with u" says tito

and in the fight chuck knocks him out again (tko)




btw tito vs vitor was very close. each guy won 1.5 rounds