Remember when Aldo struggled to make 145?

He struggled so much that he was going to move up to 155 permanently.

Yet USADA comes in and then he’s able to make 135.

Was Aldo on the juice?

That weird goatee weighs 10 pounds.

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He probably was - the guy was JACKED at 145. That said, he never tested pos and he’s still one of my favourite fighters of all time.


It’s possible he learned something new or became more disciplined.

They were, and are, all on gear.


Not all but a lot, for sure. Aldo being able to go down in weight after struggling at a 145 was very telling once USADA came in.

His physique told a story too. Him and RDA in their prime did not pass smell tests

Again though Aldo is a mfking GOAT

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Years later he fought for the interim BW belt. Back then who woulda thought…

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Perhaps he struggled to make weight because he wasn’t starting his cut low enough. Like Kelvin Gastelum.

It was from practicing with Barrao. Skin to skin transfer

Post steroid transformations don’t usually involve being lower body fat % and still jacked. I don’t think steroids changed it.

My guess is he got with a real weight cut coach who taught him how to water load and cut correctly, on top of dietary changes.

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Are you guys forgetting when his team called the authorities on the tester who came to Brazil and the whole debacle with that?

Or Andre Pederneiras basically stating he supported the use of performance enchancers for recovery.

Nova Uniao is on the juice. That being said, Aldo is a legend of legends.

He was tested the following day, USADA admitted their agent had invalid paper work. A lot of money riding on the fight for all involved , they were right to be cautious of a dodgy agent.

I think everybody knows what’s up. You guys remember the fiasco when the NSAC showed up at Nova Uniao trying to get his piss, pre usada?