Remember when Diaz...

...slapped Lawler in the face and then called him a bitch? That was funny shit.

I hope he does the same to Riggs tomorrow night.


no  i do not remember

No, he really slapped Lawler and then did the punking motion while calling him a bitch.

too bad he didn't do that to mr. sanchez

Diaz acts far too punky for me ... here's to hoping he gets brutally KO'd tonight. :::::::clinks beer on screen::::::

He called Drew Fickett a "bitch" when he fought him as well.

Before or after the fight?

i have diaz winning a decision...riggs has not looked good at 170 against hughes and lytle..i think diaz can pick riggs apart standing and avoid the takedowns just enough to win...JUST MY OPINION

diaz has a clear reach advantage if he fights from the outside he will be able to frustrate riggs with his jab and crisp combos

wow he really did that?

did lawler do anythign to instigate that? or fickett for that matter?

if not what a punk

grow up

I like his attitude and that was indeed hilarious

It was all strategic. Diaz knew that he could get into Lawler's head. He taunted him, made him get over-aggressive, and then punched his lights out as Lawler over-extended himself trying to KO Diaz.

Unfortunately the UFC made a special "Nick Diaz" rule which doesn't allow swearing or "unsportsman-like conduct" in the ring.

TTT for Diaz!