Remembering Carlson Gracie

Maybe a thread was posted already and I apologize if so.

Today has been 2 years since the death of the great Carlson Gracie.

Carlson was a true friend and besides being one of the best fighters and teachers that ever lived he was an amazing human being.

I consider myself blessed to travel all over the world and work side by side with him for many years.
This was a man who never put money first and stood up for what he believed was right.
It is really hard to believe he has been gone 2 years already.

Carlson I miss you buddy,

Steve Petramale

respectfully TTT


ttt for Carlson.



ttt for the Master, the soul of a warrior lives!

Carlson Gracie RIP



R.I.P carlson

Truly a sad loss. RIP

RIP Master Carlson



Carlson is rippin' it up in heaven

Only met him once, coached one of my guys against one of his guys at an Arnold Classic tournament years ago. He was crazy, yelling at his guy, yelling at the ref, totally passionate and into the match. As soon as hte match was over, he was totally cool, congratulating my guy, congratulating me, totally respectful and just loving the competition and the comraderie. And this was a white belt match!

RIP Master Carlson!

My honour to know him


T T T for a legend.

RIP Carlson!