Remembering the time Joe Rogan murdered Lou Dibella on sportscenter

The ufc knew what they were doing when they put Joe Rogan on the forefront for this debate. Nobody is gonna out debate Joe Rogan on combat sports. Specially not some wretched greaseball boxing promoter

And what joe predicted with Boxing came true. After Oscar and Floyd boxing ran out of stars. It’s just now finally started to make a comeback with a Tyson Fury but that’s only cause he’s an international star. Fight fans here in the States don’t give a shit about that guy

Also Lol @ Lou complaining about elbows and knee bars/leg locks and comparing MMA to human cockfighting. It’s the submission game bro. Let a BJJ guy put you in one of those and see how much you like him

Even the boxing fans on this forum cannot deny Joe 86’d that loser. He didn’t stand a chance. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into.


This moment alone, earned Joe Rogan a guaranteed spot on in the UFC Hall of Fame. Unquestionably


Here’s a bonus video

I love ya Bill. But this was a RARE L for you. Dana white, top 2 GOAT white man to ever live, handed you a shit pie and forced you to eat it in front of the world. Shout out to Rich Franklin too

bill oreily is a fucking shill. always was.






Lol. “Is that a fact doctor?” really got under O’Reillys skin.

Boxing has had a myriad of stars that have consistently outsold UFC PPVs since that segment lmao


Boxing lies about their PPV numbers

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I memba

Not really…