Renan barao should fill in for Cruz!!!!

WAr barao Phone Post

Already on the same card so why not? Interim title? Cruz will be out a while with torn acl Phone Post

Great choice, I want someone that will stop Faber from becoming interim champ.

 Fuck that shit.

Mayday via TKO Rd. 3

ttt 4 Dana;) Phone Post

 I like this fight, but barao will kill both Cruz and Faber at the same time.  Zuffa wants the division to take off so they will likely bring in an american like Mcdonald.

Do it Uncle Dana!

Get Barnow in there! Phone Post

Either him or McDonald are the only choices. Phone Post

Not that they are bad choices. Phone Post

Can't go wrong with McDonald or Barao. Phone Post

Signed, but I still want to see barao/ Menjivar. Phone Post

The only issue I see with them putting Barão in there is the language barrier. I could only imagine that whoever they decide to replace Cruz will take his spot on TUF as coach. I don't know how good Barão's English is and that would be a huge thing they'd have to consider when thinking about who will replace Dom as coach. Phone Post

Came here to say HELL YEAHHH! Phone Post

I like it!, they can save Mayday for a future contender shot!

Signed! Phone Post

TUF on Friday will be very interesting. Phone Post

Agreed OP. Barao is sick!! Phone Post

Barao is on a more impressive run than mayday imo! Both are beasts!! Phone Post

Renan fo sho. Phone Post