Renan Barao

Am I the only one that thinks he's next for Cruz after faber? Phone Post

He should be where Faber is right now. It's a shame that UFC wants Faber to win more than they want a deserving number one contender

I like this kid. I could see him getting a shot either next, or with one more win.

He'll hopefully fight the winner of Torres/McDonald.

I'm fine with Faber getting the next shot. I think Barao still needed a couple of good wins to get a tittle shot when they decided on Faber/Cruz would coach TUF and fight for the tittle.

I'd like to see Barao get the next shot at the tittle though. Kid has some skills. Phone Post

Faber should have to fight him first Phone Post

My God this Renan Mota do Nascimento Pegado 'Barao'!!!

He his a beast for sure.

Why not have Barao Vs Faber ?