Renato Verisimo in Contenders

Anyone remember when Renato Verissimo lost to Mike Van Arsdale in that weird Contenders show in 1997? I remember he even wore a gi. He sure has improved. This was the whole card, It was on PPV and shown in an octagon but it was very similer to ADCC rules.

# Carlos Newton beat Chris Barnes (2:47 - 5th Rnd) via submission.

# Matt Hume beat Kenny Monday (0:45 - 1st Rnd) via submission.

# Joao Roque beat Dennis Hall (3:00 - 5th Rnd) via decision.

# Mike Van Arsdale beat Renato Verissimo (3:00 - 5th Rnd) via decision.

# Townsend Saunders beat Andre Pedernerias (3:00 - 5th Rnd) via decision.

# Frank Shamrock beat Dan Henderson (0:56 - 1st Rnd) via submission.

# Tom Erikson beat Tsuyoshi Kousaka (3:00 - 5th Rnd) via decision.

That was the only impression I had to go by so I figured Newton would've smoked him

wow he was young kid back then...that was 7 years ago..thats alot of time to improve

BJJ has adapted to wrestler a million times better since then. Watch the same guys in ADCC against BJJ balck belts. Totally different.

In fact, after the fight, he mentioned it in the ring on camera. Something about meeting Carlos years ago at Contenders....