Renewed my pro account

I dont know who origionally purchasedme a blue name. But I would like to say thank you if that person is still on here. I renewed because I enjoy this site on a daily basis, and its good for our sport.

Guys like EM, Kirik, and Hermes Franca.

So if you are a mudnamer...sign up for a pro-ship. Its worth it, and you support a great site that does important stuff for our sport.


Way to sell it KIRIK

Wink Wink

cool. Yeah i have to thank Sacwerneck for buying me a blue name. THANKS SAC!

Also maybe you should request your handle to be changed to vengeance

Much obliged man!

I recently purchased a blue name and my only regret was not doing it sooner.


Pay it forward dude!!

I used to have blue name. Then i got poor :( feel sorry for me. do it. come on. you feel sorry for me yet??

EY - I spell it differently than the correct spelling of the word. Its much faster to type!

Hopefully In the next year I can find myvway to a green name,