Renzo/Kukak DVD question

Is this a pretty decent set? How applicable is it for NO-Gi?

Also, has anyone seen the 'passing the guard' book by Ed Benneville?


Ed's book is very good.


Based upon your past post about tapes you recommend, I would pass on the Renzo/Kukuk set unless you just want to watch the fight footage. Kukuk's A-Z or Gurgel's would be a much better purchase.

I heard the same thing as Eel about the first Renzo set.

The Cartmell book is really good. I thought the Moreria tapes for passing were good.

Thanks for all the responses. I really appreciate it. I saw the tapes on have all these Christmas gift certificates burning a hole in my pocket.

Thanks again


The passing the guard book is excellent.

If you're looking for a helpful no-gi set then forget the Gracie/Kukuk set.

I recommend :
Craig Kukuk Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu A-Z
Mario Sperry - Secrets of Submission Grappling
Tony Cecchine - Lost Art of Hooking/wristlock seminar
Marecllo Garcia - Submission Grappling
Matt Thornton - Functional JKD (the guard/top game tapes of series 1 & 2)


Thanks for the suggestions....I have most of those tapes accept the Marcello Garcia series. They are great. I seriously wish I would have never loaned the Tony C tapes to some of my training partners. I almost had my neck broke last night.

I just had some Borders gift cards and saw where you could buy the Renzo/Kukak series on their website.

Thanks again guys for all the help.


kukuk's set w/ renzo is an excellent set for the beginner bjj'er...for no gi, the kukuk a-z is much better, sperry's is a little more advanced, and i haven't seen the garcia dvd's, but have heard they are good, and i would think they are still more advanced than the sperry sub-grapping set (i'm just guessing from what i've heard).