Reputable Mechanic for a Nissan?

I drive a Nissan and have been looking for a reputable mechanic for quite some time but for one reason or another end up back at the dealer. I know I'm getting ripped and I need that to stop. Help me, help me find a reputable Nissan mechanic. Thank you in advance.

Also, please don't turn this into a my car is better than yours or a buy this car instead thread. I'm stuck with the Nissan and I need a mechanic. Thanks again.

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what is wrong with your car?

 mango season not pau

Nothing now, I just had it serviced at the dealer and it set me back close to 2k. For a second I briefly entertained the thought of buying a new one and foregoing the repairs but then quickly realized what a terrible financial mistake that would be. The car is still reliable, it was all normal wear and tear stuff that I had neglected for far too long. If I had a good mechanic I'd assume I would have spent about half of what I did, thus the search.

I know a damn good mechanic, he also does safety checks. I think I hooked some guys from the HG up with him before.

DikenCider def has the hookups. TTT Phone Post