Reserve "cage time" - Indianapolis

We will be renting cage time for training purposes on Sept. 17th.

Price is $30/per half hour.

The time slots are very limited for this, so reserve your spot now!

All fees must be paid to reserve a time slot.

For more details, contact Gary or Phil at

This chance only comes around every three months, so get in while you can!



Slots are filling gentlemen!

This is a great way for first timers to get a feel for the cage the day of the fight. 

Great idea Mr. Gary. 

Hell, it gives the vets a good opportunity too. Even if they aren't fighting, they can still come train in the cage for a while.

Sounds like an idea I heard before. Hmmm!




Sure, but you have to clean up the mess and bodily fluids left behind,, LOL

Is this an amateur event??? If it is, I honestly think you should let the fighters "get the feel" of the cage for free.

Fighters have always been able to do that. We mean for training purposes. Most fighters aren't going to be trainning the day of the event.


cool. I mis-understood!




come to king of the Cage and you might be able to get in the damn thing for FREE.

Not cool Jason!

I'm sure they are going to let anyone come TRAIN in the cage. Yeah, right!

Nice try to get people away from our show though.

I got news for you,,, our show is going to do JUST FINE!

Anyone can "get in our cage, however you will have to rent to train (as well as sign a waiver).