Resources for cornering a fight?

Does anyone know of any web resources that deal with the issue of successfully taking care of a fighter between rounds? I'm specifically looking for information on dealing with cuts, but any resources and advise would be great.



No resources. But here's what I do:
Take charge immediatlly,
don't suggest - TELL,
Constantly remind him how tired the opponent is,
remind him of every good thing he does,
if his spirit is crushed, over-eggsagerate how good he's doing,
how to prevent the mistakes he made.
Bloody nose - can wipe it but don't blow,
Cuts - I personally, haven't delt with them, I think: wipe clean to look at size, apply Vasalean on an around (don't use water),

That's the best I can do.

There's a GREAT book called "Corner Men". I forgot the name of the author, but the book was published in 1991, and it interviews the major boxing trainers of the 20th century. Huge chapters on Ray Arcel and Angelo Dundee.

One of the best pieces of advice I got from the book was from Dundee: ALWAYS let the fighter think he came up with the idea himself, because that's the only time he'll listen.

Another Dundee gem was when he said something to the effect (I'm trying to remember exactly what he said here, but bear with me:

If you want a fighter to throw more of a particular technique in the next round, tell him that he threw it PERFECTLY in the previous round, EVEN IF HE DIDN'T THROW IT.

If your guy only threw 2 jabs, tell him those jabs were perfect, and that if he throws more, he'll win the fight. Watch the jab output skyrocket in the next round.

If your guy did some half-ass lateral movement in the previous round, tell him it really confused his opponent, and that we'll nail him if he uses it more. Watch your guy become as elusive as a ninja in the next round.