Respect 4 B South

Ice cream cake IMO.

I got an ice cream cake for my b-day. It kicks ass!

Now I know why Gabe couldn't resist. Tasty.

My co-worker and I were talking about that ice cream cake scene the other day (yeah, I'm shocked I'm talking MMA with co-workers. It wasn't even 3 years ago when no one had a clue what MMA was), and how Gabe, after eating the cake, said "Man, I hate myself for doing that". We thought that was hilarious because whenever there's a b-day here, people bring in cake and treats and that's exactly what every fat girl in our office says after eating the free cookies and cake.

No doubt that cutting 20 lbs and then finishing your fight with a knockout is fantastic, but remember the size of the guys we are talking about here. Bobby was walking around at 220+ while Gabe was 170+. That's a big difference in how hard it is to cut 20 lbs.
That being said, Bobby still manned up when he needed to and props to him for it.

^ correct. it is a big difference when you consider the two body frames. much harder for Gabe to cut that 22 lbs.

^^^Prince and Surfin Joe are correct!!!

That much weight is easier "physically" but not mentally!!

Thanks 4 The Props,.......


I had $400 on Bobby over Irvin. Then they fell thru an unlocked gate. Doh. That would have been easy money. James is still not up to speed with the ground game.

That fight was offered to Irvin before the Ramirez fight. He turned it down.

He doesn't want to fight me!!!!

Bobby S would crush Irvin.  If the cage didnt give out in 1st meeting Irvin woulda been put to sleep. 

Bobby- next time you can walk to each gate and make sure it's locked before you guys fight. I think it would probably be a GnP stoppage. I don't know why Irvin is so far behind on the mat, but he is still really struggling badly down there. It's actually very frustrating to watch, because I'm a fan of his. Gotta support all the NorCal guys.

southworth deserves to be in the ufc PERIOD

southworth deserves to be in the ufc PERIOD


No problem Bobby, I really look up to you for what you did to fight, it shows you are a true man and a true fighter, hopefully we get to see you in the UFC again sometime. Where are you training at these days?

I will take your advice gentlemen, All Gates Will Be Checked!!!!!!

As for training- Still a AKA team member, but I'm currently running my own school out of Check us out on the net. Small program, 6 days/wk- 3 days BJJ, 3 days NoGi/MMA.

Hey Odessa, next time, the beers are on me!!!!


Hey Bobby my kids want an autographed pic.



Bobby should of been in the UFC a Long Long time ago. Before TUF. Chuck knew it, that's why he was the first overall pick on TUF 1.

I'm gonna check out your site Bobby, thanks for posting.

Doctor- You must stop prescribing the correct!!! It might become habit forming and my ego could suffer withdrawals!!!