Respect in mma? What happened?

When I first got into the sport it seemed fighters, schools etc. seemed to have more respect for one another than they do now.

Is it the wrestling mentality? Cuz we're stupid americans and have no clue what respect is or all the new poorly regulated shows?

Curious if I'm the only one who sees this.

It's the bashing of styles!!!

its because its getting more popular. Its no longer a secret, and you no longer care if the guy next to you is into MMA because he most likely just watches TUF, an occasional UFC, thinks he knows everything, and is a major douchebag. You cant share that seceret anymore with another person, its already been let out of the bag. Tainted IMO. Personally, I blame Bush.


Normal people are basically ignorant knuckleheads? That's your answer?  


What JoyDivision said.

"actually chokeyou, i think RHM was talkin' about your momma."

Excuse me?

I think its because everyone was stoked to be training and competing/fighting. You kept running into the same people here and there. There are a lot more people doing this shit now. The faces are less familiar. So as the numbers increase the clicks bind tighter...that's when rivalries begin imo.


Do you need to fight outside of the cage or within your training?

Being a fighter, I'd love to hear your opinion.

I see it too, and i think it sucks. I fight and teach as well. Personaly if a student or fighter gets out of line its the instructors duty to teach or tell them thats not ok!

almost everyone touches gloves as a fight begins...

Guy Metzger took touching gloves to a whole new level.

"Guy Metzger took touching gloves to a whole new level."

Yeah, must have been from his point-karate/TKD days.

Personally I think it's petty to go to another gym and "have" to fight to defend the "honor" of your school or team. If you are a fighter...go get paid and fight in a ring or cage. I hate when people talk shit, but sometimes, I guess you can't help it. The mentality of most successful fighters is that noone is better than they are. So if one claims to be great the other must surely be offended. I am almost out of this game, not every one is like this but some are, and when they are gone they will be replaced. Truth is there is always someone somewhere waiting for his chance to hand you your ass. Thats when you get your ego tested. I'd rather feel my ego sting with some pay attached...again just MHO.

"all the promoters really care about at the end of the day is $"

What are they supposed to care about? It's the reason they do it. They do not do it for anything else, but a means to make money without having to do a regular 9-5.

Dojosensei makes alot of sense.

Dojosensei you said it all.

Its partly BJJ and the Gracies fault, IMO they seem to have an attitude that BJJ is the best and if your training anything else your wasting your time and money, that is not true. Before BJJ become popular in the western world, people didnt go around saying all TMA's are shit, that all started after BJJ came on the scene.

It's the fightgear IMO..

Hey, I have a shaved head and tattoos...thats it punk, me and name the place and time. I'll be there, I can't believe you would dishonor me like that. In fact, by dishonoring me you have dishonored my school, so after I beat you you, my classmates are gonna have a run at you until you realize what you have done.